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First Weekend of the Challenge… and share your snack ideas

The first weekend during the paleo challenge is upon us. Weekends are often the most challenging times to stick to a healthy eating plan. Stay active and take it one minute at a time if needed! You’ve come this far right?

As for snacks, I’ve had a few questions on what is cool to snack on. Snacks should be approached as mini meals. As a mini-meal, you still need some protein and veggies/fruit, and fat. Just snacking on celery sticks or carrots isn’t going to cut it; the lack of fat and protein will leave you hungry.

So please share your snack ideas… My snacks are usually things like a chicken drumstick and some grape tomatoes. I usually have left overs from the night before – some meat I grilled – I’ll eat a little of that and some veggies and I am held over until my next meal. Almond butter, cashew butter, and pecan butter is like crack to me so I try not to do it too often… but a little cashew butter spread on apple slices is my ultimate.




Day 3.. just checking in…

How’s the paleo challenge going for y’all thus far? I’ve heard from some people that seem to be adjusting well and I’ve heard from some whose energy levels have nosedived (normal while your body adjusts).

Please comment – how are you feeling? what is the biggest challenge so far?

The Paleo Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

OK… so the official start for the 30-day paleo challenge starts tomorrow. By now you should have taken your “before” picture and measurements, have your fridge stocked, and have a log book where you can log your food and any random thoughts about how it is going.

I went to a seminar entitled “Nourishing Our Children” yesterday which was very well presented and informative. It also solidified my belief in the paleo diet – getting away from processed foods and consuming plenty of meats, fish and shellfish, veggies and some fruit.

A few things that I should point out that was emphasized in the seminar yesterday is that your meat choices ideally should come from pasture-raised animals. The industrial process of raising cows and chickens strip much nutrient from the food and increase the likelihood of food-borne illness.

Also, many paleo enthusiasts tout lean meat as the way to go. However, can you picture a caveman with his fresh kill roasting discarding ANY part of the animal? No. They ate it all, lean meat, fatty meats, organ meats, etc. So should you. Over the years the whole “saturated fat = BAD” is false. Our bodies need it!!

Fat makes you feel full, without it your body cannot transport many nutrients and perform many processes. EAT fat!

Lastly, be sure not to “paleo-fy” your food on a regular basis. Paleo-pancakes and muffins are sure better than their enriched white flour cousins BUT can you picture cavemen grinding nuts to make flour? Nope, me either. Nuts, much like grains, contain toxins that can be decreased through a soaking and dehydration process but should not be eaten in large doses. Nut flour does not go through this process and would deliver anti-nutrients in too high a concentrate to consume on a regular basis.

I do want to share that I started this challenge early, this is day 10 for me I already feel and see a difference. I’m hooked! So get your nitrate-free bacon, eggs, and veggies ready and let’s GO!

Get ready for the 30-Day Paleo Challenge!

Get yourself mentally prepared and go shopping. We officially start on Monday, August 29th but you can start at any time! Please read the 3..2..1.. Go! page on what you need to do before you start and during the challenge.

Additionally – I recommend taking Fish Oil as a supplement, get some!

Use the comments on each daily post on this blog as a  forum to post questions, ideas, comments, commiserate with your fellow challenge-takers, offer support… whatever…

Are you in ready?